Saturday, August 4, 2012

Open House

The day finally came that Mrs. Overstreet and I were ready to welcome everyone with open arms! I am so excited to have a new team mate! Just to let you know, she is pretty awesome!

I was so thrilled to see everyone. Some were ready and eager for a new year...lots of eager parents ( lol ) and some of you were just a tad bit anxious to start a new year.

Here are Joshua, Jessica and their mom....they are going to be so much fun to have in class...and I know where to find their momma!

You are all so awesome! Can't wait to see you all Monday...but while we wait for Monday, here are a few more pictures from Open House. It will be fun to check back and see how much everyone has changed at the end of the year!

Looks like everyone here is ready! I am loving it! See you all Monday morning!

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